The start of a journey

I write this as my wife and I are about to start a new journey, moving to Uganda to help set up a new business education venture.

Nile journey

It seems appropriate to post a picture of the so-called “Source of the Nile” at Jinja in Uganda, at the point where the river flows out of Lake Victoria.  It was the mission of nineteenth century pioneers like Speke to try and find the source of the longest river in the world, and the water heart of early Egyptian civilisation.  We are intrigued by the question as to whether this “Pearl of Africa” ( a phrase coined by Winston Churchill to describe Uganda),  can still realise its potential to be the source of fruitful enterprise.

This new journey is the sequel to my previous one, to write “Risky Strategy”, and is perhaps an echo of that pioneering theme.  In the opening chapter I wrote:

“I also need to tell you that this book is a journey, for me and I hope for you, the reader.  It’s a journey that begins here, but I’m afraid doesn’t end within the confines of this book. If you are looking for a book that gives you the answers to all your questions about risk and strategy, then I would suggest you stop here, for you will be disappointed.  My hope is that this book asks a number of good questions that may help you think differently about how you approach strategic decision-making.”